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Sharing Smiles

Try to imagine the daily burden of finding enough food to feed your children.  (This is difficult because most of us haven’t ever really been hungry.)  Your thoughts at night as you try to go to sleep are filled with unanswered questions, not so much about ‘the future’ but about the next day

What can I tell my kids who will wake up hungry?  Will we go without food again tomorrow?


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Then what if someone who lived in a land far away chose you and your children to support each month so that you had enough food to eat?  Suddenly, with that worry lifted, you might be able to focus on the days beyond tomorrow and begin to dream of a different future for your children.  What if I could find a way to bring in a steady income, send my kids to school and show them how to become self-sustaining?  HOPE.

So it is for the families in our Family Preservation program.  These sponsored families are assured of nutritious food each month, some help with rent and school costs and their case managers meet with them to pray and give practical guidance.  Those who are deemed qualified are given the opportunity to receive business training and start their own small business through our IGA (income-generating activity) program.

Often during the bi-monthly visits, the case managers discover extra needs these families have… things like beds for those who sleep on the ground, clothing to replace ragged garments and house repairs.  We share these needs with the sponsors and very often they are happy to send extra help to meet the need.  If a sponsor isn’t able to send extra help, we try to meet these needs with money given via our Gift Catalog and designated for specific items.

While we don’t always get photos of families receiving their extra gifts, when we do we share them with the sponsors, who are praying for their families.  Just today I got to share several photos with sponsors who went above and beyond their regular $50/month support to meet some needs and bless their families.


Aj-0038 sponsors

A women’s college softball team raised money for a new bed and bedding for ‘their’ family



Eyasu and his family received much-needed new clothing, a bed and bedding!


Worke and her three kids have a new bed and bedding!

MK-0022 GC clothing Aster Eniyew

Aster’s children have brand new clothes thanks to a gift via our Gift Catalog!


It’s easy to give – either for your sponsored family or as a way to meet needs that sponsors are unable to cover.  Visit our Mission 1:27 Gift Catalog and you will be not only making smiles but bringing HOPE!

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If you’d like to embrace a family with hope, you can sponsor for $50/month… visit our Sponsor A Family webpage to see who is waiting.