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Together We Can Help


Though he never went to school, Birhane is a good man who wants to provide for his family.  But after his arm became paralyzed, his disability prevented him from doing the only job he was qualified to do – manual labor. Meseret, his wife, goes out each day looking for work, hoping against hope to find someone willing to pay her for washing clothes or cleaning.  She thinks constantly about if she will be able to feed her four children and pay the rent.

Birhane and Meseret attend a Full Gospel church in Dembidollo with their four children. Amana (a 14 yr old boy) has completed 5th grade, Abdi (an 8 yr old boy) finished 2nd grade, Ebise (a 6 yr old girl) and Olit (a 2 yr old girl) do not yet go to school.

This family rents a small room (pictured above standing in front of it) for $10 each month but they are struggling to survive. Just $50/month will provide them with nutritious food to eat!  And because Meseret is young and healthy, she may be an excellent candidate for a small business loan in the future.

Would you consider a monthly sponsorship to meet their most basic needs and embrace them with Christ’s love?

You can see Meseret’s family and many other families needing to be sponsored on our webpage here.

Thank you for linking arms with us to meet needs for families like Meseret’s!