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How to Change a Life Story

26-year-old Fanaye has faced more than her share of hardship. After burning her hand in a fire, leaving that limb useless, Fanaye’s husband left her just before their son Sitota was born.


There is very little work that a single mother in Ethiopia can do and if you have a baby, that problem is magnified.  Fanaye now tries to provide for her 8-month-old son by buying and reselling vegetables at the local market.

When you think of selling produce at a market, you might picture a farmer’s market in your local town, with covered stands and beautiful displays meant to draw customers.  In Ethiopia, women lay out a tarp or cloth on the roadside or sidewalk and sit on the ground next to their wares.




This very common form of work does not bring in much of an income and Fanaye needs food and clothing desperately. She rents a small one-room house with no plumbing for about $11/month.

We are privileged to seek a sponsor for Fanaye who will send $50/month to meet her most basic needs.  Your sponsorship assures her of good food each day and hope for the future!

To help Fanaye, visit our website here and help to change this woman’s life story!