Small Business Starts

Once a family in our sponsorship program is stabilized with basic necessities, the business manager assesses the family for suitability to receive business training and eventually a loan to start a small business. In Ethiopia unemployment is astronomically high and it is through small income-generating activities that people can find success to become self-sustaining.

3During the training process, gifts and strengths are identified and the feasibility of a particular business is explored. The business manager puts together a proposal unique to the adult sponsored by Mission 1:27 and funding is solicited for that person. The business manager guides and advises the new entrepreneur to provide all necessary oversight. The recipient has up to 12 months to repay the loan and once the business is bringing in adequate income, the sponsorship of that family will stop.

One of the main purposes of Mission 1:27 is to stabilize a family and then help them to realize their dream of supporting their family with dignity. We need a broad base of financial support to fund many more business dreams. We anticipate that about 85% of our sponsored families can be lifted out of poverty through this opportunity.

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