Orphan Prevention

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 being a widowed parent of three or four hungry children, struggling daily to find enough food. Your spouse recently died from a disease that is easily preventable in developed countries.  Your only source of income is now gone.  You see your children getting weaker by the day.  You have no resources, no options, and time is running out.   You ask the church for help, but it’s made up of members just as poor and helpless as you.  You pray but there doesn’t seem to be any help on the horizon.  Your question isn’t what will your children grow up to become, but rather how many will grow up at all.

There is a real and growing crisis in Ethiopia.  It is the crisis of the orphan, the widow and the vulnerable family.   Orphans, widows and entire families are teetering on the verge of total collapse.  They simply don’t have the resources to survive.  Local Ethiopian churches are trying their best to care for the suffering ones in their midst.  Many of these families are headed by a widowed parent and some are guardian families who have taken in orphans from the community and need help to care for them.  Some are the elderly or crippled.

What if we could get to some of the most vulnerable families before they completely fell apart?  What if we could do this in partnership with the local Ethiopian Church who is positioned on the front lines of this crisis?  What if, together, we could not only care for widows and orphans, but actually prevent more people from becoming widows and orphans? What if we together could actually see vulnerable families go from brokenness and helplessness to restoration and hope?

Mission 1:27 was established to do such a work.  Our Mission is to partner with the Ethiopian Church to care for widows, orphans and vulnerable families. Our ultimate goal, however, is orphan prevention and family restoration.

In cooperation with our Ethiopian Church Partners, we have developed a three-fold strategy to address the crisis of orphans, widows and vulnerable families:


IMG_0094EMBRACE – With the help of the local Ethiopian Church, we identify the most vulnerable families in need of care and support.   We then “Embrace” this family with the love and compassion of Christ by finding ministry partners in the U.S. who will sponsor them monthly.





IMG_0243EQUIP – With the monthly support sent in from our ministry partners, we then work to “Equip” the families by providing for their basic needs of food, medicine, shelter, clothing, education, etc.





K-0039.EMPOWER – Once the families within our program are stabilized by providing for their basic needs, we then seek to identify those families who are physically able to work and enroll them in our IGA, (Income Generating Activity) Program.  Our desire is to “Empower” as many families as possible with the tools, training, and opportunity to start a small business and become self-sustaining.





Partner with us – We invite you to join us in this work to care for widows, orphans, and vulnerable families.  You can learn more about this ministry by touring our website.  We have waiting families in need of a Ministry Partner to sponsor them.  Learn more about their lives and their stories on our SPONSOR A FAMILY page.

The churches we partner with have identified the orphans and at-risk families in their communities who are in desperate need of help. Some of these children may have one parent laboring under unbelievable odds to provide for their basic needs (half-orphan), while others have no parents (full orphan).  Occasionally there are two-parent households with one parent disabled or facing circumstances that prevent adequate income.

Sponsor A Family for $50 a month  

When you sponsor a family, you commit to provide prayer and financial support and you will receive a story and picture of a family that is being cared for by your generous support. Click the yellow button above to view our waiting families, read their bios and select a family to support.