Send Extra Help


bed and bedding

Tewabech received a new bedframe, mattress and bedding to replace a broken metal cot!

There are times when our case managers alert us to specific needs that sponsored families have and we always like to let our sponsors know in case they are able to help.  Most often, these are things like getting medical help to address a health issue, lack of beds and bedding or a need for new clothes to replace ragged ones.

You can easily meet these needs by going to our Gift Catalog webpage (click button below), finding the specific need to be addressed and designating your family’s case number so that we can be sure they are the recipient.  We ask our case managers to report back to us – usually within a few months – to let us know about how the need was met.  THANK YOU not only for your faithful monthly support but for helping to meet urgent needs for your family!

1 fam markerThe items that are marked with this red triangle are the ones you can designate for your family.